The 6 Top CBD Oils for 2020

At, our goal is to independently lab test and review all CBD products on the market and make this information available to the public.

The following six CBD oils have officially been classified as our Top CBD Oils in 2020! Every single one of these products has passed the potency element of our review with flying colors as well has impressed us in every other element.

If you are new to CBD and are looking for the correct brand to try out we recommend trying any of the products below!

If you are a regular CBD user and are looking to try out what may be a better product than the product you are using we recommend trying any or all of the products below. Let us know what you like the best! We always love hearing from other daily CBD users!

Oil tincture data in spreadsheet

#1: CBD Emporium - Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

CBD Emporium (Wellness Authority) Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Let’s hear a drumroll and round of applause for CBDEmporium for taking the number one position on our reviewed product list!

Their spot on lab results and excellent taste will exceed your expectations.

#2: DrBurns' ReLeaf CBD Pure Pain Isolate CBD Oil

Dr Burns ReLeaf PURE Pain CBD Tincture

Dr. Burns goes the extra mile not only working out some of the best formulas, however, she also focuses on treating her patients using CBD and other natural methods. Her background not only impressed us but here Pure Pain CBD Oil took our second spot coming in at a 9.90!

#3: Populum - Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

Populum Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

We love it when we come across a top-flight product, so this review was a hemp-oil-lover’s dream. For those of you seeking a full spectrum hemp oil which delivers high quality effects, we heartily recommend you add Populum Full Spectrum Hemp Oil to the top of your wish list.

#4: Kurativ - Full Spectrum CBD CBG Oil

Kurativ CBD CBG Full Spectrum Oil 3300mg Review from CBD Informative

Kurativ is a brand that brings superiority to the CBD industry. Their formulations are bringing CBG into the equation and we cannot get behind them enough. Check out our article, “Your Comprehensive Glossary of Main Cannabinoids Found in Potency Tests” to learn about all the different cannabinoids like CBG. Our team at CBD Informative stands behind Kurativ CBD CBG Full Spectrum CBD Oil and recommends you add it to your daily routine. CBG is changing the industry completely and we are very excited to read the future studies that will come about with this cannabinoid!

#5: Toast Wellness - Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Toast Wellness Original CBD Oil 250mg Review

We love it when a company finds a focus and sticks to it. Toast Wellness is a clear example as they focus on creating the best full spectrum CBD products and we stand behind them saying that they do! Coming in our 5th spot at 9.84 Toast Wellness Original CBD Oil is a must-try especially for those who are on the search for the perfect entourage effect!

#6: Ananda Hemp - Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

Ananda Hemp CBD Hemp Extract Full Spectrum Tincture Oil 600mg Review

Our bottom line recommendation is positive for Ananda Hemp’s Tincture Oil, landing at the top of our scores with a 9.75 total.